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SPTC is pleased to offer broadband internet service packages with speeds powered by Fiber Optic technology. The following plans will meet all your needs and will not require a phone plan. All plans have unlimited data.

Internet Plans Built for You



1000/1000 Mbps



500/500 Mbps

Increase Coverage with Internet Add-Ons

Fees or Restrictions May Apply

Standard Support

Covers call-in support diagnosing & troubleshooting

Speed issue diagnostics

Provided for all plans

Wired Support

Covers on-site service calls

Covers internet wiring

Discounted networking rates

Support Plus

Covers priority repair

Air-Scout Wi-Fi mapping
for best coverage

Includes Wired Support

Equipment Upgrades

Upgraded modem/router provided

Upgraded modem/router supports Wi-Fi 6

Boosters are available for purchase that are compatible with our equipment

Command IQ

Free smartphone app available for all plans

Reset Wi-Fi network name or password

Pause internet for any device at any time

Create routines for scheduled downtime

Protect/Experience IQ

Malware protection on all connected devices

Ability to set safe search

Limits screen time on devices or applications

View usage for all connected devices

Prioritize types of traffic or devices on your network

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All services subject to installation fee and all applicable taxes and surcharges.

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